Welcome to Due West Academy Fine Arts & Child Learning Center.  We understand the importance of your decision to entrust us with the care and education of your child.  We are a developmental learning center that strives to stimulate and nurture your child. In any group care setting, good policies are an important part of maintaining proper health and safety.  DWA’s policies are the result of our effort to ensure strict compliance with state licensing regulations. This Parent Handbook outlines some basic policies that help us to better care for your child.  It is understood that by enrolling your child in our center, you agree to abide by our policies and procedures.


Our Philosophy & Curriculum

    Children learn best by doing, and our philosophy is to use a developmental “hands-on” approach built around weekly or monthly themes.  During each week we address all areas of development:  Social, Emotional, Physical (gross and fine motor), Cognitive and Language Development. Lesson plans are prepared weekly and posted in or outside of each classroom.  There is a balance between teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. 

     Our Curriculum infuses the efforts of the GELDS but also allows for diversity in the classroom.  Children will explore, challenge, and create with our approach to learning.  Ages 25 months-Preschool participate in daily classroom activities as well as some beneficial extracurricular.   We offer Soccer, Dance, Tumble Bus and Music for a nominal fee.  We are a non-discriminating organization and infuse cultural differences in our classroom. 

     DWA uses the GELDS program with our youngest students, 6 weeks-24 months. This is a program that is research based and developmentally appropriate.  Using this framework, our teachers are able to teach in the ways that best match the way in which we know young children develop and learn. Our teachers are well versed in basic sign language and begin teaching our students at 6 weeks. 


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